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Online Stores that Ship to Saipan, CNMI


I frequently encounter the question, “Are there online stores that ship to Saipan?” From people who are considering moving here either for work or retirement or those who have already relocated. Due to its geographic location, it’s understandable that people who are coming and will be staying here will ask that question.

Saipan is halfway across the globe from the US mainland. It is the largest island and capital of the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI), a territory of the United States located in the western Pacific Ocean. Saipan is located beside Guam and near Asian countries such as the Philippines, Japan, and Korea.

Fortunately, the major online stores ship to this location. I have created lists of online stores that ship to Saipan, CNMI, below.


Everyone knows Amazon, founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994; Amazon is at the top of our list. Initially, it was founded to sell books online, but it has expanded to various product categories. Not only does it carry physical items, but it also distributes downloadable and streaming content. You will find practically all your needs in the Amazon store.

Cons: Not all products can be shipped to the CNMI


Second on my list is Walmart. Similar to Amazon, they offer a wide range of products. They also offer free shipping when you become a member by paying a small fee for their membership. The fee is affordable and will pay for itself if you shop frequently at Walmart.

But unlike Amazon, most of their items online are out of stock, or you need to pick them up physically at the store. Unfortunately, physical delivery is what we are looking for here in Saipan.

Cons: Some items are out-of-stock, and not everything can be shipped to Saipan.

B&H Photo

B&H is based in New York and is my go-to store for computers and other digital and electronic products. Although Amazon is my primary store, B&H is my second option when certain Amazon sellers do not ship to Saipan.

Cons: Shipping is costly (DHL / Fedex)


When it comes to auction sites, no one beats eBay. The only scary part is that anyone can sell at eBay, so be sure to do your own seller research when visiting this site. So far, I was only scammed once at this store, while the rest of my purchases went well.

This is the go-to store when looking for used items. A word of caution: I would suggest buying new when shopping for electronic equipment.

Cons: Not all items are shipped to Saipan. Need to do seller research.


Temu is a new player. It is an online store operated by Chinese company PDD Holding. Now, just because a Chinese company owns it shouldn’t put you off. The products they offer are cheap but mostly of good quality. I like their clothing range, which has good designs and can hold up against branded items.

Cons: Does not usually carry branded items.

Below are other online stores that ship to Saipan as well:

Those are just a few of the online stores that you can visit and shop.

If you have any store you would like to add, leave it in the comments.

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