Deputy Director for Electric Power System – JVA No. 23-020


    Employer: Commonwealth Utilities Corporation

    Opening Date: October 12, 2022
    Closing Date: UNTIL FILLED

    ANNUAL SALARY: $100,000.00 – $135,000.00 per annum, Exempt

    The incumbent will be under the direct supervision of the Executive Director or his/her designee.


    • Assess and evaluate the condition of the operating and non-operating plant, including the engine and its auxiliary and ancillary equipment and systems.
    • Assess and evaluate the operating and non-operating of the power transmission and distribution
    • Improve data collection and monitoring of plant operation and equipment condition with minimum investment, the funding of which will be arranged by
    • Lead power generation in evaluation of required parts and consumable required for immediate, interim and long term needs, as per the corporation’s
    • Prepare relevant maintenance and overhaul schedule, including Preventive Maintenance Program (PMP) of the power plant engines, their auxiliary systems and distribution facilities based on OEM recommendation and condition monitoring principles.
    • Train and lead the plant staff in implementation and the supervision of such schedules and related
    • Improve and increase existing power generation capacity, reliability of power generation and generation efficiencies, thereby reducing avoidable loss.
    • Minimizing equipment failures and downtime through structured planning and maximizing component life through effective Operation and Maintenance (O & M)
    • Lead the CUC with the preparation of specifications and bidding documents for the power plants, as required by the generation and distribution
    • Provide guidance, management support, and supervision in streamlining and expediting the procurement of parts for power generation.
    • Lead in the evaluation and assessment of the plant O & M personnel, and lead them in the implementation of structured training programs for the lack of skill levels
    • Lead in improving skill sets and knowledge sets of the CUC staff through training, including hands-on and specific tailor-made
    • Performs other duties as assigned, necessary for the maintenance and improvement of electric power

    Minimum Requirements:

    Education: Any combination of education and experience that has led to the acquisition of the knowledge, skills,  and abilities as indicated above. Typical ways of acquiring these knowledge, skills, and abilities are: A bachelor’s degree or diploma from a national institute of technology in an electrical engineering curriculum; and 10 years of engineering experience which included responsibility for diesel electric power plant management, project management, and maintenance of diesel electric power plant equipment.

    Ability to: Plan, schedule, assign, review, and evaluate the work of others; coordinate the activities with those of the Power Generation Division and outside organizations; deal tactfully and effectively with others, both inside and outside the Corporation, including representing the Corporation with other organizations and agencies; make effective oral presentation; monitor new developments, legislation, and other agencies’ activities that may affect the work.

    Thorough Knowledge of: Diesel electric power plant. Engineering principles, methods,  and practices as applied to planning, design, cost estimating, construction, installation, operation, inspection, and/or operation of a wide variety of electric power facilities including power generation, alternative/renewable energy, and engineering economics; the usual or standard sources of civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering information; construction materials; local building codes and structural design codes and reference sources; appropriate safety standards and related systems as specified by the position assigned.

    Working Knowledge of: Engineering principles and practices; practices, procedures, and terminology of the engineering, operational, planning and/or technical support functions supervised; Commonwealth and Federal regulations pertaining to the work; and effective management techniques.

    General Knowledge of: Surveying and modern construction methods; Commonwealth laws relating to engineering, power supplies, fuel storage, and environmental impact assessments, principles and techniques of supervision.

    Skills in: Interpreting and applying applicable laws, codes, regulations and standards (based on assignment); Providing customer services, Filing, organizing and maintain records and files; Preparing basic reports, correspondence and documentation; Managing time and prioritizing requests; Providing attention to detail; Proofreading documents for accuracy; Identifying errors and making corrections; Reviewing and researching account information; Maintaining confidentiality of records and information; Utilizing a computer and relevant software applications; Utilizing communication and interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with co-workers, supervisor, the general public, and others to sufficiently exchange or convey information and to receive work direction.

    Licensing: Valid Driver’s License with appropriate class.

    All applicants may be tested and all applicants are subject to pre-employment drug test.

    How to Apply:

    Submit a completed CUC Employment Application, resume, and applicable supporting documents to the CUC Human Resources office located on the 3rd Floor of the Joeten Dandan Building on Saipan, Monday through Friday 7:30 am – 4:30 pm (Except Legal Holidays). Applicants on the island of Tinian and Rota may submit their documents to their respective CUC Administration office. Application, resume and supporting documents can also be e-mailed to:

    Source: CUC